Monday, July 30, 2012

Edward Bess Deep Shine Lipgloss in Lover’s Desire & Ultra Slick Lipstick in Lotus Bloom

Edward Bess has introduced some new shades of his Ultra Slick Lipstick ($32) & Deep Shine Lipgloss ($30). But with these new shades it looks as if some of his older shades were discontinued, such as two of my favorite shades, Secret Desire Lipstick and Endless Love Lipgloss (sad face). But I am hoping that his new shades will be equally as amazing as every shade I have tried. Here is a run down of the new shades of glosses & lipsticks:

Ultra Slick Lipstick:
• Midnight Hour - Cool PinkDeep Shine Lipgloss:
• Forbidden Love - Beige Coral
• Night Jasmine – Raspberry Mauve
• Roulette Rouge – True Red
• Naked Truth – Beige Nude
• Lotus Bloom – Peachy Pink

Deep Shine Lip Gloss
• Stolen Kiss – Baby Pink (Looks Similar to Endless Love)
• Lover’s Desire – Peachy Neutral
• Wild Passion – Berry Mauve
• Nude Whisper – True Beige
I picked up two of the new shades; Deep Shine Lipgloss in Lover’s Desire and Ultra Slick Lipstick in Lotus Bloom. Lover’s Desire is a peachy pink with a cream finish; it’s kind of like Secret Desire Deep Shine Lipstick but in lipgloss form! It has great pigmentation, like all of Edward’s glosses that it’s easy to wear on its own or over a lipstick. I find that all the Deep Shine lipglosses have great staying power which is I believe is due to the thickness of the formula. I can drink a cup of coffee and this gloss will last through, most don’t on my lips.
Lover's Desire
Lotus Bloom is just the color I have been looking for recently, a true peach. It’s described as a Peachy Pink on Sephora’s website but I don’t see much pink as you can see from my swatches. It’s a buttery smooth color that glides on easily. Lover’s Desire and Lotus Bloom make a perfect combo for a soft peach lip. I am totally in love with both!!
Lotus Bloom

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