Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avon Super Shock and Super Shock MAX mascara

I am not normally a fan of Avon, it always seemed like an older brand to me but I have heard so many great things about Super Shock and Super Shock MAX mascara from watching Sam & Nic of Pixiwoo. They do tutorials for Avon and have raved about both of these formulas of mascara, so I thought I was time to check them out. I am always on the hunt for new mascara so I was pretty excited to give these a try. Super Shock only comes in Black but Super Shock MAX comes in both black and Brown Black. Both formulas come in large tubes and each has large thick plastic wands.

Super Shock mascara is described as a thickening base coat and volumizing mascara in one. It promises extreme volume and up to 12X the volume. I was a little intimidated of the larger brush, it’s pretty big. I thought it might be difficult to apply but I was surprisingly impressed with how it easy applied. Although the brush is large, it has tons of tiny little bristles that help grab every lash in one swipe. One coat was all I needed and my lashes were thickened and lengthened instantly. Overall, love this formula!
Super Shock MAX mascara promises up to 15X the volume and has a helix shaped brush that allows each lash to get a coat of this luscious formula. I got this formula is Brown Black since I got the Super Shock in black. The brush is a little different, it is still big and thick but the bristles are more widely spaced than Super Shocks brush. The bristles are in a helix shape and to me this is to ensure that all lashes get a coating of mascara.

I find that both formulas really do pump up my lashes with lots of volume and both are easy to apply to the top lashes. I do find the larger brushes to be a bit difficult to get the bottom lashes but I normally don’t do my bottom lashes for daytime. Both formulas are hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist-tested which is great for those with sensitive eyes and contact wearers. Overall, both formulas are a hit with me and have become my new favs!!

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