Thursday, April 12, 2012

Becca Lost Weekend Eyeshadow Palette

BECCA released the Lost Weekend Palette in their Fall 2011 collection, along with several other products. This limited edition three eye color palette washes eyes in neutral, dusty and earthy shades. The colors in the palette are Moleskin soft matte stone beige with a hint of mauve), Chino (a matte, chocolate brown) and Moiré (a shimmery mushroom brown with touch of pink). These gorgeous natural, earthy tones will match most skin tones easily.
All three shadows are velvety soft and well pigmented. They are extremely easy to blend and apply very smoothly. I really like this palette; it’s a great neutral palette for everyday. I have been wearing it consistently since I got it, using the Baroque eye tint as a base. That really helps the shadow last all day. Overall, another product that I am loving from BECCA cosmetics!
Left to Right: Moleskin, Chino, Moiré

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