Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drugstore Deals: Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara

 I decided that this year I am going to feature drugstore beauty products on my blog as well as designer beauty brands. I love going to Ulta because they feature both sides of the beauty spectrum and sometimes I find that drugstore products can be as good as or better than designer brands. One of the things I religiously buy from the drugstore is mascara. Mascara is a product that is quite disposable since it only has a shelf life of a few months once it has been first used. Why pay a lot of money for a product that you will just pitch in a few short weeks. Every once and a while I will splurge and try the new “it” mascara from a designer brand but that is very seldom. So after strolling around Ulta the other day I decided to pick up a new mascara to try. I decided on Maybelline’s Great Lash BIG mascara in Very Black ($3.99).
This mascara called to me because of its larger fluffy brush. As I have said in my other mascara posts, that is my number favorite trait in a good mascara. The larger, fuller brush promises volume with each coat with no clumping or globs. I am guessing that the formula is the original Great Lash formula and the brush is the only difference. I have tried the original Great lash but wasn’t impressed by the brush. After trying BIG mascara I am super pumped about the results. My lashes have never looks longer and more voluminous. Some people think a larger brush is harder to apply with but I had no problem at all. No clumps, no globs in sight! At $3.99 a pop, this mascara has become a new favorite! Go check it out at your local grocery store, drugstore or Ulta.

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