Monday, October 11, 2010

Eve Pearl Black Pearl Liquid Liner

When it comes to eyeliner, I have always been a pencil or shadow liner kind of girl.  Over the years, I have gotten so use to using those formulas that I can apply them with great ease, no fuss.  A couple years ago I broke down and tried a drugstore liquid liner, which was a not so nice experience. I had horrible luck with it. So much that I think I have blocked the memory of exactly what brand it was.  After that, I gave up on liquid liner for a while. Last year I tried MAC Penultimate Liquid eyeliner pen and was much more successful with it at applying an actual straight line. I like the Penultimate liner but I had trouble with the pen drying out and skipping on my eyelid when applying. Then I heard about Eve Pearl products through the blogs Temptalia & Pursebuzz. After reading their reviews and going on to Eve Pearl’s website, I decided to try several of her products. The standout product for me is the Black Pearl liquid liner ($26).

Eve Pearl’s liquid liner pen blows MAC Penultimate eyeliner out of the water (sorry MAC, I am seldom sad about any of your products). The application process is a breeze and is super long lasting and smudge proof. I find I have no problems with the pen of the liner drying out and no problem with skipping when applying. If you are new to liquid liner and are looking for one that is easy to use, definitely check out the Black Pearl liquid liner. Eve Pearl products are available on her website

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