Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MAC Have a Lovely Day ! Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour

MAC Have a Lovely Day! Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour ($20) is described by MAC as a neutral nude.  It is definitely a neutral color but I would describe it more as a nude pink.  It’s is a bit rosy, with a little mauve-tone to it.  This product as its name suggests can be used on lips and cheeks.    This is a new and limited edition product.  MAC describes the new formula as a “versatile, lightweight all-in-one colour for cheeks and lips. Creamy, super-blendable, barely there formula. Contains Vitamin E to help keep skin and lips nourished”. 
As a blush this product is quite dewy and definitely adds a nice glow to the skin.  The consistency is soft and creamy so it applies smoothly and evenly to the cheeks. It’s all pretty well pigmented so you don’t need much product to apply.  I prefer to apply cream products with a brush then smooth out with my finger that always seems to work best for me.   It also has a slight vanilla scent that is signature to some MAC products such as lipsticks and lipglasses.  When applied to the lips it seems pretty lightweight and gives a semi-matte natural-look.  I didn’t find it drying and it didn’t make my lips flakey.  I applied a clear lipgloss over top to give a bit more glossiness to the lips. 

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