Friday, May 11, 2012

Chanel Empriente Rouge Coco Shine

Included in Chanel's Summertime de Chanel 2012 Collection are two new Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks ($32.50), En Vogue and Empriente. Both are perfect shades for summer, one a bold coral (En Vogue) and one neutral (Empriente) and both are limited edition. I am not too fond of coral lips, even though it’s very on trend at the moment, but it just doesn’t suit me or maybe I haven’t found the right shade. Any who, I chose Empriente because as you know neutrals are my go to when it comes to lippies.
I simply love this color! Chanel describes this color as “soft beige” which is pretty on point but I would describe it more as a peachy nude with subtle shimmer. The texture is soft and shiny and applies flawlessly to the lips. The color is quite sheer but can be built up on my lips to give pretty decent coverage. One of my favorite ways to wear any of the Rouge Coco Shines is over the top of a great lip liner. I fill in my lips with the liner and top of with the Shine and it looks great. I use my Boots No. 7 Nude lip liner or Bobbi Brown Pale Pink with the Rouge Coco Shine shade Boy all the time. I tried out Empriente with Bobbi Brown Beige lip liner and it really brings more color to the lips and helps it last longer. I love the soft rose scent that the Rouge Coco Shines have as well. It’s nice to have a lipstick with a scent other than vanilla like most lipsticks out there.

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  1. That looks very pretty, I'll be getting that when the collection comes out here I think :)