Thursday, April 19, 2012

Becca Mineral Blush in Sweet Pea

To conclude my BECCA cosmetics haul, the last product I am going to review is their Mineral Blush ($32) is Sweet Pea.  First off, I love the name, because that is what my sister Amanda calls my niece Emma.  As it is part of the name of her blog, Simple and Sweet Pea, you can check it out here.  She blogs about her life, crafty & cooking she does.  She is much more the creative/decorator that I am. SO anyway, the name aside, out of the blush colors available, this one stood out to me. 
Sweet Pea is described on the BECCA website as a “Rosy Plum Nude.” That’s a pretty good description of the color, although I don’t really get much plum when I look at it. To me, it’s definitely more of a rosy nude.  A perfect color for summer/fall months when I am a bit more tan, but honestly I will probably use this color all year round.  This blush formula is super pigment, soft and not chalky like other blushes can be.  You get quite a lot of product when you dip your brush in the compact, so I make sure to tap off the excess before I apply.  There is a hint of luminosity to this blush that gives the cheeks a soft, natural glow.  I am so so happy with all of my BECCA cosmetics purchases!! It has become my new favorite brand of the moment.  I still have to try some of their base products (foundation, concealer, powder) but don’t really like purchasing those products online, I like to be color matched.  I believe there is a boutique in my town that sells BECCA, so whenever I find the time, I may pop over and check out those other products.  Until next time!!

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  1. So pretty! I was having trouble finding good swatches of this... Thank you!