Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BECCA Dusty Rose Anniversary Palette

To commemorate a decade of beauty, BECCA launched 2 Limited Edition Anniversary Palettes, Dusty Rose and Vintage Jewel. I picked up the Dusty Rose palette because it contains 2 products that I wanted to try, Lip & Cheek Crème and Crème blush. The Dusty Rose Palette is housed in a classic chocolate powder pouch and includes: Crème Blush in Turkish Rose • Lip & Cheek Crème in Tuberose • Crème Highlighter in Narcissus • Lip Gloss in Cassini.
Here is a breakdown of each product:
Clockwise starting at upperleft: Turkish Rose, Cassini, Narcissus, Tuberose

  • Turkish Rose Crème Blush is a rosy nude shade that is part of BECCA’s permanent color collection. It is described as “The ultimate blush. This highly pigmented formulation and silky-smooth texture melds into the skin for an incredibly natural, "just blushed" look. Layer for added drama. Provides natural, radiant, long-lasting colour to cheek, producing a radiant, healthy appearance. “I was worried I wouldn’t like this color because it looked pretty brown in the pan, but when applied it is a beautiful neutral rose color. This product has no shimmer or glitter and smells faintly floral. It gives a very healthy, dewy glow and looks very natural when blended into the cheeks and lasts for hours.
  • Tuberose Lip & Cheek Crème is a creamy coral pink that is also part of BECCA’s permanent collection. This product can be used on both lip and cheeks as the name states and is richly pigmented but not too intense. I love multitasking products because it takes up less room in your makeup bag. Again, the lip & cheek crème is formulated without shimmer and is easily applied with your fingertips or a brush. All the lip & cheek crèmes have a mild scent of strawberry crème parfait which is a nice and non-overwhelming smell. It blends beautifully on cheeks for a natural peachy pink look. It applies to lips nicely but can be a little drying on its own. I apply a little clear gloss to add moisture and it looks great!
  • Cassini Lip Gloss is a lovely natural pink and is Limited Edition to this palette. A long lasting translucent gloss that delivers radiant shine with a splash of colour. The lipgloss is also scented with a hint of strawberry parfait. The formulation is silky-smooth and completely non-sticky.
  • Narcissus Crème Highlighter is an opalescent peach which is a repromote from the Fallen Angel palette. It’s a gorgeous pale peachy gold highlighter that feels more like a powder when applied. It is not glittery at all and leaves you with a soft glow. I am not big on highlighters because sometimes they look too frosty or white, but this one is awesome. Blends smoothly and the color is peachy enough that it doesn’t look overly frosty on the skin. Great color for all year around highlighting, especially spring & summer.
Left to Right: Turkish Rose, Tuberose, Narcissus, Cassini

Check out how to use this palette on ZunetaTV. Love their product videos for BECCA and other brands.

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