Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chanel Summer 2011: Bronze Rose Soliel Tan De Chanel

Chanel Bronze Rose Soliel Tan De Chanel ($50) is my absolute favorite product from the summer 2011 collection from Chanel. This is a limited edition product that also comes in a deeper coral shade. Me being the fair one that I am, I opted for the lighter of the two.
Both shades come with 4 different stripes of colors that are super soft in texture. There is a slight shimmer/sheen to all the shades, which blended together gives a beautiful glow. The top color is a soft medium tan color with soft shimmer, the second a peach with pink iridescence, the third is a deep coopery bronze and the fourth is a bright pink rose color with a soft sheen. When blended all together the bright pink shade gets mixed well with the bronze shades to great a great natural tan glow, not orangey at all. Almost no need for a blush on top. When I got my makeup done this past Saturday at the Chanel event, the MA blended the first three shades together to contour and bronze and then used the pink rose color has a pop of color on the apple of the cheeks. The result was beautiful. Overall LOVE this new addition to my makeup collection and plan on using it all the time!

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