Monday, February 14, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection: Emancipation & Marquis D’

 I wasn’t super impressed with MAC’s Wonder Woman collection. The packaging seemed too childlike and overdone; the colors in the collection didn’t seem to mesh to me. Overall, not my favorite and I was planning to skip it entirely but I did decide to get two products: Emancipation lipglass and Marquis D’ lipstick. I thought it would be nice to just have a few products from this limited edition launch.
Emancipation lipglass is a limited edition sheer champagne pink with subtle shimmer. It’s a beautiful everyday color and that is why I picked it up. The lipglasses in this collection are super-sized and cost a little more than normal lipglasses at $19.50. You do get a lot more product for your money.
Marquis D’ is a sheer nude pink with a slight gold sheen. It’s a lustre finish lipstick and is a repromote from Blond, Brunette, Redhead (2009). Not sure why I didn’t pick this color up then but I really like it.
Left to Right: Emancipation, Marquis D'
Overall, the Wonder Woman collection was a real let down for me. Unless you are a fan of the superhero theme of it all, I would skip this collection. I was hoping for more metallics but what can you do. Hopefully MAC will make up for it in their summer collections.

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