Friday, November 12, 2010

Chanel - Soho de Chanel Blush & Highlighter

 The second item that I picked up from the Chanel Soho Collection is the Soho de Chanel Blush & Highlighter ($65.00). It is definitely the most unique of all the products released in the collection. It has raised Soho lettering and with three different color powders. The shades are a rosy brown (main color), pale powder pink (thin strip at the bottom), and a pale yellowy white with subtle pink undertones (highlighter). When mixed altogether you get a gorgeous satiny glow to your cheeks.
You could use each of the colors separately if you wanted or just mix the two blushes together or mix all together. The highlighter is quite sheer on its own, so I prefer mixing all the colors together. This powder applies really soft and even, and blends beautifully. This is a great color for fall and a great change for me from wearing some form of light pink/peach blush all the time. I shy away from dark colored blush because I feel like it looks ruddy and splotchy on my cheeks. That is not the case with this product. I feel like I will be wearing this blush combo a lot in the months to come.

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