Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Favorite MAC Blushes

As a long time MAC addict ( I am truly addicted), I have accumulated many of their blushes over the years. MAC releases numerous collections through out each year and with each collection new blush colors are introduced for a limited time. So between the permanent line and limited edition, MAC has a pretty hefty collection of blushes. MAC’s blushes retail for $18.50. Here are some of my favorites….

First of my favorites is Springsheen, a permanent color in the line. Springsheen is a Sheertone Shimmer blush that is a peach with a hint of pinky gold pearl. It would be MAC’s version of Orgasm by NARS. This color is very pigmented and gives a soft shimmer that is not frosty looking at all. I love using this color in the summer with bronzer but is a staple in my makeup bag all year round.

Next favorite is Pinch o’ Peach, which also is a permanent color. It is a matte Sheertone blush that is a warm bright pink. I use this color all the time and is probably my favorite out of all my MAC blushes. It really brightens ups my cheeks and complexion.
Pinch O' Peach

Garb is a limited edition Sheertone blush that came out with the Pret-a-Papier collection earlier this year. On MAC’s website the color was described as light golden tan, but to me it’s warm true peach. It’s a matte finish with a subtle sheen. This a great color for everyday because it gives a light peachy glow to your cheeks. It has been a favorite ever since I purchased it.


Harmony is a matte powder blush that I use for contouring, mostly is the summertime. It is a muted rose brown shade from MAC’s permanent collection. It can be a little dark for me when my skin is lighter in the colder months. I don’t normally contour my face everyday, mostly for when I am going out or a special occasion. But when I do, it’s one of my go to colors.


The last of my favorite MAC blushes is another limited edition from the Fall 2009 Makeup Art Cosmetics collection. The Perfect Cheek is a dusty matte pale pink that looks beautiful on my skin is at its lightest in the fall and winter. To me it’s the perfect nude pink blush I have ever seen. It’s great with a soft smokey eye because the color doesn’t overwhelm your cheeks.

The Perfect Cheek
L to R: Springsheen, Pinch O' Peach, Garb, Harmony, The Perfect Cheek


  1. i have garb and perfect cheek blushers but never know how to wear them because im very pale but i think since there amonst your faves i might dig them out and give them another go.

  2. i LOVE mac blushes! i want pinch o peach so bad!
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