Monday, August 19, 2013

NARS Eyeshadow Palette Ride Up To the Moon

NARS has recently released the Fall 2013 Collection but what really excited me was the Fall gifting sets that were released with the Fall collection. Two eye-shadow palettes were released and I chose the warmer of the two; Ride Up To The Moon ($45.00).  The eyeshadows in these palettes include shades from NARS regular line of single and duo eyeshadows plus one LE shade but, of course, in much smaller sizes.  

“A sophisticated six-shadow palette of celestial smoky hues to create a high-fashion haze or otherworldly effects.”

NARS Ride Up to The Moon has warmer colors in it; a gold, bronze, browns, a deep blackened green and a blackish brown. It is definitely the more versatile of the two palettes in that the shades can be use for day as well having stronger shades for night.   It is a great palette that would be great to travel with for touch ups or vacation time; this one palette could easily be all you'd need for days.

Top Row: Argentina (LE), Isolde (II), Night Porter (III)
       Bottom Row: Biarritz (I), Fez (II), Cordura (III)

Argentina - Metallic gold  
Isolde - Frosted ginger
Night Porter - Black with green pearl 
Biarritz - Neutral cream beige 
Fez - Velvety cocoa  
Cordura - Shimmering sooty dark brown

Available on NARS website

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