Monday, February 18, 2013

Tarte One Brow Architect Brow Shaper

Brow Architect Shaper, Liner, and Definer is a new product introduced in the Journey to Natural Beauty kit.   It's a unique 3 in 1 brow perfector that comes with a universal brow pencil, an underscoring concealer (comes in 3 shades depending on your foundation choice), and a spoolie brow brush.
Brow Pencil
You are supposed to the use the Brow Architect in the follows steps:

  • First use the underscoring concealer powder to hide strays and clean up the surrounding brow area.
  • Next, fill and define with the universal pencil ( the more pressure you apply the more color you can achieve)
  • Finally, comb the brows to stay in place.
  • Underscoring Concealer
Typically I use Omega eyeshadow from MAC with an angled brush to fill in my brows for a more natural look.  I haven’t really been a fan of too many eyebrow pencils because I find that most are hard to use and don’t fill the brows in very naturally. That is not the case for this product. The slanted brow pencil allows for easy application and coverage so to speak.  The underscoring concealer is an interesting product and I am not sure that I have gotten use to using it. It applies a little heavily under my brows when I use it straight on the applicator so I use another brush or my finger to blend it out.  It’s a neat concept but I am not sure I am sold on it. Overall, I really like the brow pencil and brow brush and will be using this product more often.
Brow Pencil, Concealer

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